Diaphragm Accumulators

The typical bladder accumulator makes use of the considerable differences in the relative compressibility between a gas and a fluid.

A typical design consists of a gas proof elastomer membrane enclosed within a steel shell. The membrane contains compressed gas (normally dry nitrogen) and separates the gas from the hydraulic fluid. The compressed gas provides a pneumatic spring action to force stored hydraulic fluid from the accumulator into the system as needed.

Tobul Diaphragm Accumulators are designed for industrial & mobile equipment applications that demand lightweight and high strength performance. Diaphragm accumulators are used for a variety of applications including: energy storage, shock or pulsation dampening, leakage compensation, thermal expansion, energy conservation/supplement pump flow, noise reduction, and improved response time.

Diaphragm accumulators are pivotal in the optimization of hydraulic systems, serving critical functions such as energy storage, shock absorption, and pulsation dampening. These hydraulic diaphragm accumulators use a flexible membrane to segregate gas from liquid, facilitating efficient energy transfer and system responsiveness. Designed for quality, diaphragm accumulators cater to a wide array of industrial applications requiring exacting standards of reliability and performance. Their robust construction provides durability and longevity, making them invaluable in sectors like mining, maritime, and construction. By enhancing system efficiency and safeguarding against hydraulic shock, diaphragm accumulators provide an economical solution to meet system requirements.

Values To The Customer

  • Low Permeation
  • Durable Poppet Valve
  • Metal Diaphragm Clamping Ring
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Light Weight

Tobul’s Diaphragm Accumulators are an integral part of a fluid energy control system for industrial & mobile hydraulic systems in Agricultural & Construction Equipment, Factory Automation & Robotics, Machine Tool, and Power Generation.

Tobul designs and produces accumulators with high strength alloys & proprietary compounds for extreme duty, superior performance, reliability and longer service life.

EBR50 Econolator II Open Top Accumulators, 5,000 psi
TBR50 Accumulators, 5,000 psi (345 bar), bottom repairable
TBR50-2 Accumulators, 5,000 psi (345 bar), bottom repairable
TBRT50 Accumulators, 5,000 psi (345 bar), top repairable

Diaphragm Accumulator
Table of technical data on diaphragm accumulators

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