Accumulator Gas Bottles

A standard hydro-pneumatic accumulator can provide approximately 25 to 30% of its fluid capacity in usable volume (e.g., approx. 38 gallons of capacity in a piston-type to obtain 10 gallons of fluid volume; approx. 42 gallons of capacity in a bladder-type to obtain 10 gallons of fluid volume).

Since gas bottles are simply pressure vessels utilized to store a quantity of pressurized gas (normally nitrogen) without an internal bladder or piston, the effective cost per gallon of volume is less than the accumulator itself, thereby making gas bottles a cost effective method of supplementing fluid volumes.

In the sophisticated arena of hydraulic system components, gas bottles, including piston or bladder hydraulic accumulators, are indispensable for extending the capacity of hydraulic systems. These gas bottles play a crucial role in maintaining pressure stability within hydraulic systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. Specifically engineered for high-demand applications, tube and cap gas bottles and spun style gas bottles safeguard a consistent supply of pressurized gas to the accumulator, effectively optimizing its performance. Their application across diverse industries, from manufacturing to renewable energy, underscores their importance in ensuring seamless system operations and longevity. By integrating these advanced components, businesses can achieve superior energy management and system responsiveness, aligning with industry standards for accuracy and durability.

Tobul Gas Bottles

Tobul gas bottle diagram

Forged steel shells without internal gas bladders are a cost-effective approach to providing additional gas volumes to selected systems. Generally, these pressure vessels with hemispherical ends are readily available in the marketplace, and can sometime lead to a lower initial cost. Available only in a limited selection of sizes, though, multiple units may be “banked” (e.g., installed on a common manifold or header) to provide the required cumulative volumes.

TBRG30 Gas Bottles, 3,000 psi (207 bar)
TBRG50 Gas Bottles, 5,000 psi (345 bar)

Gas bottles may be fabricated similar to piston type accumulators (less the internal piston), providing a wide variety of available capacities and physical dimensions. This allows for an extensive range of capacities, much larger than available with forged shells. The versatility in application provides the system designer the ability to eliminate banks of multiple smaller capacity shells with a minimum number of higher volume fabricated bottles. This is especially valuable in applications where space (e.g., physical dimensions) and weight are critical.

140AG30 Gas Bottles, 3,000 psi (207 bar)
160AG50 Gas Bottles, 5,000 psi (345 bar)

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