Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for SCI Sharp Controls (the “Privacy Policy”) forms a portion of SCI Sharp Controls’ Personal Data Privacy Policy (1.20) and may change from time to time. In certain countries and depending on applicable law, significant changes, e.g. those affecting the scope of the Personal Data we process about you, may be specifically brought to your attention. We may do this by posting a notice of such changes on a page of the SCI Sharp Controls web or social media site or app (“SCI Sharp Controls”) prior to implementing the change, or by providing you with notice in other ways, such as by email. If we require additional consents from you for the processing of your Personal Data, we will request such consents.

Personal Data and Non-personal information

Personal Data is information that identifies you as an individual or from which you can be identified.

Non-personal information is information that does not reveal your specific identity either directly or through reference to other information. We may collect, use and disclose non-personal information for any lawful purpose. In addition, see Data anonymization and aggregation below.

What Personal Information may be collected

The following Personal Data may be collected from you through the SCI Sharp Controls:
your name, job title and contact information (including business email address, business address, business telephone number, your employer company and your country) should you choose to provide such details;

details of products and/or services of particular interest to you based on how you use the SCI Sharp Controls and your preferences

Tailored marketing emails

When you first visit certain SCI Sharp Controls services, as relevant and depending on applicable laws, you may be asked whether you would like to receive e-mail messages regarding the products and/or services of SCI Sharp Controls and other topics which may be of interest to you.

A particular cookie is used to tailor those types of emails to the products and/or services of SCI Sharp Controls based on how you use SCI Sharp Controls services. The cookie combines your name and business email address with details of the various pages of the SCI Sharp Controls services that you visit. This is very limited personal information about you, acting in your business capacity and for your employer company. Your browser or device can be set to disable this cookie. This means you can withdraw your consent to it at any time. Please see Cookies for more information.

In addition, in each email you will have the opportunity to manage your preferences, including unsubscribing from further emails. Click on the “Manage Preferences” link at the bottom of the email to do this. You may also opt-out of emails at any time by contacting the SCI Sharp Controls operating in your country (see “Contact Us” details above). If the emails are not from SCI Sharp Controls in your country but are from other companies in SCI Sharp Controls, then SCI Sharp Controls in your country may not control those emails but it may at its discretion explain who you should contact to opt-out of them or it may pass on your opt-out request.